Water jet Cutting Services

  • June 27, 2017

    Water jet can slice any type of materials. The most fame materials are metals (mainly aluminium, as it’s relatively soft and slice rapidly), since water jet can cut complex shape to high-precision rapidly and economically. Water jet also commonly cut glass and stone, since the water jet can obtain complex shapes not possible utilizing traditional machining techniques.

    Water jet cutting services – How it works

    The cutter is connected to high-pressure water pump where the water is evicted out of nozzle, cutting via the material with pelting it with stream of high-speed water. It can be used to slice materials as different as fish sticks also titanium.

    One of the most significant advantages of water jet cutter is its capability to slice material without nosy with material’s inherent structure since there is no HAZ or heat affected zone. It allows metals to be slice without changing or harming their intrinsic properties.

    We are manufacturing lot of products in our company. Namely Sinter screen, Rice mill machineries, Textile spares, Truck container kits, Acoustic enclosure, Building needs, Cable tray, Sheet metal sections, Kitchen equipment, Wear plate, Deck plate, Tube sheets.

    Benefits of water jet cutting services

    High-edge quality

    High-edge quality is known to be most vital reasons why designers use water jet. It produces smooth uniform dust free edge. The edge made by waterjet is function of pressure, speed, nozzle size and abrasive flow-rate. In lot of cutting parts, water jet removes the necessity for secondary processing.

    Efficient and Cost-Effective

    When comes to cost of water jet it is highly cost-effective than other traditional cutting methods. It excels with cutting very thick-products like multi-layer parts, thick products; hard-steel and much more that can be cut easily with no-heat affected zone.

    Accurate Internal Cut-outs

    With cutting precision of ±0.1 – ±0.2mm, water jet cutting is high versatile tool that is why it is highly preferred in many industries for cutting complex shape and designs that need additional care and high-tolerances.

    Cuts virtually on irregular shape and thickness

    High pressurized water is mixed with abrasive substance when comes to cut on hard materials. This can be capable to cut on any thickness or shape.

    No Heat Affected Zones

    Water jet is cold cutting method that removes issues caused by heat-distortion and hardened-edges. This is mainly beneficial for complex metal products and fabrication that need additional care while cutting process.

    Increased Cutting Flexibility

    To say in simple words, if the product cannot be cut using water jet, then possibly it cannot be cut with other methods. The flexibility and reliability to be capable to efficiently cut on any parts that provide precision and high-quality shape and size that we look for.

    Key Points of using Water jet cutting services

    Water Jet Cutting can do composite cutting – non-metallic

    • Minimal delimitation of edge-cut surfaces
    • No scratching of edge cut surfaces
    • No thermally induced cracking
    • No breakage

    Water Jet Cutting upholds metallurgical integrity

    • No heat-affected zone
    • Eliminates thermal distortion
    • Localizes structural changes
    • No cutter-induced metal stain

    Water Jet Cutting can create smooth cuts

    • No slag or cutting waste
    • Precise multi-plane cutting of contours, bevels, and shapes of any angle


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