Water jet

  • June 27, 2017

    It has been viewed that the other cutting techniques have gone completely outdated and instead the technique that remains is only water jet cutting technology. It is due to, in this technique, there is no wastage of raw materials as well as cost-effective and lot less-time consuming and that is certainly excellent thing.

    Although, many service providers are out there but choosing right one is essential when comes to get precise parts in materials. We ensures of the fact that high-quality of work is provided to customers in a manner thus that clients will be totally satisfied.

    How do water jet work?

    Take normal water and high-pressurize it upto 60,000 psi and force it in a very tiny hole. Mix water with garnet-abrasive and you have small stream of water travelling speed that can quickly erode most materials. Some water jet are pure water jet and don’t add garnet abrasive which can be used to cut soft materials like foam, food and rubber.
    Types of materials could water jet cut

    1. Foam
    2. Granite
    3. Marble, Tiles, Ceramic
    4. Brass
    5. Plastic
    6. Nylon
    7. Grass
    8. Hylem
    9. Composite
    10. Rubber

    Concept of Water jet cutting

    Implementing range

    Water jet cutting preservation of different compounds is currently used in diverse industrial lands of the leading nations across the globe. The unit is suggested to be promoted in the “Commonwealth of Independent States.” It is highly used in following industrial domains:

    • Vehicle assembling industry
    • Aircraft industry
    • Vessel/craft building, units constructing manufacturing
    • Metal rolling/casting industry
    • Textile/leather manufacturing
    • Equipment manufacturing for food and medical industry

    Featured advantages

    Featured benefits of this technology enable to avoid heating of surface that is being cut, the formation of the part remains unchanged, additional action is not necessary leaving the processed surface flawlessly smooth. Comparing to the traditional methods, the water jet concept is cost-efficient and eco-friendly, consequently, it doesn’t engage additional resources with appropriate expenders.

    Concept know-how

    The concept of water jet cutting is mainly depends on emitting water via designated openings with high pressurized up to 3800-bar. The escalated Waterjet velocity – 100 m/s is achieved via “kinetical-to-pressure force transition.” It is boosted with supplementary of abrasive component (sand) is able of cutting materials of diverse texture, as well as almost all types of solid compounds. The unit is furnished with CNC-appliance facilitated to cut and produce diversely shaped articles of exclusive precision and quality.

    Water jet concept is used for cutting plywood, textiles, rubber, paper, PVC, etc. Abrasive of water jet enables to cut copper, brass, magnesium, aluminium, titanium, steel, cast iron, etc.


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