CNC Shearing & Bending



  • Length :3755 mm
  • Thickness :up to 8 mm


  • Length :3100 mm
  • Thickness :up to 8 mm
What is CNC Shearing & Bending?

We offer a wide range of CNC shearing and bending services to our customers with the help of shearing machines and bending machines, manufactured using high grade raw materials and latest technologies. Our range of cnc shearing and bending is widely applicable in various components manufacturing industries for fabricating, bending and shearing purposes.

Why CNC Shearing Machines?

The cnc shearing machines used by us are applicable for shearing various sheet metals and cnc metals of different lengths and sizes. The upper and lower blades of our cnc shearing machines are automatically adjusted based on the thickness of different materials. The function and movements of our CNC shearing machine is hydraulically operated and Shearing sizes are numerically controlled. Sheet metals and various metal components of different thickness can be sheared and bent easily with the help of these machines.

CNC Bending Machines?

Our cnc bending machines can bend various materials like metal wires, sheet metals, and many more parts. These machines are well known for its features like time control, programmable speed control, direct angle programming, angle correction etc. These CNC shearing and CNC bending services reduce the need for welds and fittings. We offer these CNC shearing and bending services based on the requirements of our customers and in affordable prices.

What are the Features of CNC shearing and bending?
Shearing and bending can be done based on specifications.
The accuracy of the machine is on the shearing length is about +/-0.5mm.
Bending and shearing of the material of different thicknesses immediately without burr.
High quality finish.