• Length :2.5 m(2500 mm)
  • Thickness :Up to 20 mm with pre-pinch, cone rolling, channel rolling and pipe rolling facility
What is CNC Rolling Machine?

CNC machines have great advantages of pitch matching and maintaining pitch matching during rolling. Mechanical machines always develop play after certain usage. But in the case of CNC, the pitch matching is done electronically. Therefore, corrective action is taking place continually to maintain the same pitch matching electronically.

Advantages of CNC Rolling Machine?

CNC machine is a single cycle; we can roll different no. of teeth on a same component if the pitch is same. For example, the Mahindra, Nissan, transmission Main Shaft has 4 Splines of 26, 32, 34 & 32 teeth of same pitch. This component can be rolled with our CNC machine in a single cycle. The OPD, length of Spline, etc., can be controlled individually for each Spline.

CNC Platee bending Machine?

A Platee Rolling Machine is a machine that will roll different kind of metal sheet into a round or conical shape.[1] It can be also called “Roll bending machine” “Platee bending Machine” or “rolling machine”