CNC Shearing And Bending

CNC Shearing And Bending. We are presenting an extensive collection of CNC shearing and bending services to our clients with the support of shearing machinery and bending machines.  Our variety of CNC shearing and bending is related to many apparatuses developed productions for assembling, bending and shearing purposes.

CNC Shearing Machines

The CNC shearing machines used by our company are suitable for shearing numerous sheet metals and CNC metals of dissimilar dimensions and proportions. The top and bottom blades of our CNC shearing machines are spontaneously accustomed based on the width of materials. The task and actions of CNC shearing machine hydraulically worked, and Shearing magnitude organized in numbers. Sheet metals and different metal modules of diverse breadth can be sheared and bent definitely with the assistance of these mechanisms.

Shearing machine ranges:

  • Length: 3100 mm
  • Thickness: up to 8 mm

CNC Bending Machines

Our CNC bending machines can bend different things identical to metallic cables, sheet metals, and more. These bending machines recognized for its features like time control, programmable rapidity controller, straight angle program design, angle alteration, etc. These CNC shearing and CNC bending services moderate the essential for welds and fittings. We offer these CNC shearing and bending services established on the requests of our regulars and in reasonable charges.

Bending machine ranges:

  • Length: 3755 mm
  • Thickness: up to 8 mm

Features of CNC shearing and bending

  • Services based on requirements
  • Material with various diameter can be sheared and bend quickly without brogue
  • Finishing with excellence