Wear Plate

We manufacturer and exporter of the full range of wear plates, regarding base materials, sizes, coating alloys and welding processes. From simple Chromium Carbide-rich covers to sophisticated Refractory Complex Carbides, the plates are manufactured to meet different application needs.

Chrome Carbide Wear Plate fabrication Services

We provide expert chrome and carbide plate fabrication services that have met the request of numerous industries. We work with the various cost-effective materials that will ensure corrosion resistance and improved production. Some of these substances combined with the abrasion resistant and air hardened steels, as well as ceramic corrosion plates measuring from 1/8 of an inch thick up to 4 inches thick. We also worked with SAS SA1750CR plate holding from 1/8 inch thick up to 1 inch thick for bulk welded overlays.

Features of Wear plates:

  •    Hi-tech manufacturing technology
  •    Extraordinary alloyed wear plates for high impact applications
  •    Uniform microstructure with optimised pattern to carbide ratio
  •    Precise control of raw materials ensuring consistent quality plates
  •    Inclusive range of wear plates to meet cost-to-performance requests

Composite Wear Plate – V100:

Wear Plate consists of primary chromium carbides in a eutectic matrix with eutectic chromium carbides. Low dilution by the base material, reduced temperature figures combined with our high alloyed powder results in a unique structure.

Base Material:Construction grade steel although special & stainless steels can be used
Typical Analysis:4.8%C, 28%Cr, Balance: other
Plate Sizes:As required
Plate Thickness:10 – 50mm or as required
Characteristics:Extremely high abrasion / medium to high impact
Applications:Dredging, Mining, Coal, Cement, Clinker, Iron Ore, etc.