Sinter Screen

We are the maker and exporter of Sinter Screen which is making with holes in different shapes like square, rectangular, capsule, Oval in MS, SS, Hardox as per buyer need by using advanced technology.

Sintering is a system of a gathering of acceptable mineral units into a wet and clumpy mass by evolving combination produced by heat formed by combustion of solid gas within the corpus.  Collection of the fines is necessary to tolerate the way of warm fumes through the blast heating process.

Varieties of sinters:

  •    Acid sinters – For these sinters, flux not mixed to the iron mineral in creating the sinter mixture. Acid sinters are most infrequently prepared these days.
  •    Basic sinters – These sinters used when necessary fluidity included in the sinter mixture for manufacturing slags of the needed base of (Calcium oxide and silicon-di-oxide) in blast container taking into the acid oxides in the affluent heater burden.
  •    Superflux sinters – These are the sinters where sufficient flux added in the sinter mixture for making slags of wanted basicity in affluent furnace taking also into nature the acid oxides in the dust in addition to the further acidic oxides in the flash heater burden.

Brilliance of sinters

Important two things about sinter are immoral, that is well-ordered by the amount of mineral, and the second thing is power, the content of coke restrains that.

water jet Cutting
water jet Cutting
water jet Cutting