Rice Mill Machineries

Rice mill machineries. We are expert in rice mill machines for the past 50 years. We are manufacturing industries of Grain treatment tool and we have a well-equipped and advanced technology machines for doing the various process of grains mainly rice.  A Good technical team with knowledgeable profession handling operations with straight and extra care.

Having different equipment for rice treatment which includes:

Cleaning machine: It consists of a variety of grains to cleaned like Wheat, Barley, Corn, seeds and rice. It will aid rice millers in illuminating the worth of the product. This cleaning machine made with an entirely sealed off body for dirt proof process.

  •    De-moisturizing machine.
  •    Paddy husker.
  •    Paddy separation machine.
  •    Temperature controlled drying machine.
  •    De-husking machine.

De-stoning machine:

The way of making a deduction of unsolicited elements such as gravels, sludge balls, etc. from rice and other grains. This process is successfully doing in rice mills, oat mills, wheat and also food processing plants. Also removes bricks chips, limestones and other impurities.

Polishing machine: Is used to polish rice to alter their exterior, flavor and texture.